What is Simple Text?

We recognise the vast increase in numbers of people with an ASD taking their rightful place in the higher education system and so developed Ai-Live Simple Text. Simple Text is live captioning simplified into clear language for the benefit of students with an ASD. Simple Text grants access by removing problematic areas of speech such as metaphor and figurative language. It breaks down complex ideas and instructions into simple sentences.  

Ai-Media transcription formats: tablet, smart phone or printed document version. 

How does Simple Text assist students with ASD?


Metaphor and figurative language is often interpreted literally by individuals with autism. Phrases, which are used everyday, such as "It's raining cats and dogs" and "Come on, pull your socks up", may cause confusion and mean that students get stuck on working out what is meant.

Simple Text translates these parts of language into concrete terms so "It's raining cats and dogs" becomes "It's raining heavily". Complex, three-step instructions are broken down into understandable single sentences and delivered back as Simple Text to students.


Man walking on top of a labyrinth. A pencil makes the way by erasing the challanges of the labyrinth


What are the benefits of Simple Text?

  • The University of Melbourne’s Graduate School of Education has evaluated the effectiveness of live captions and found that the technology increases student and teacher engagement. 

  • Simple Text live captions provide consistency of message and a single point of focus for the student. This leads to less distraction, reduced anxiety and improved attention.

  • Simple Text increases perception and understanding of language and communication.

  • The captioning experience is enhanced by the ability to change font size, colour and background.

  • The built-in time delay of the captions supports students with auditory processing issues by allowing them to better process the lecture content at a comfortable pace.

  • Our captioners are specially trained to deliver Simple Text live captions.


How does Simple Text work?

Below is a clear demonstration of how Simple Text can be used to improve the learning experience in the classroom or lecture hall.

Speech bubbles.

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